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Step Three: Create a Culture of Healing for our People

Create a culture of healing for our people and the land

The Village Cooperative empowers members of the community through cultivating a combined learning space for art, community wellness, and advocacy within the immediate community we serve. We cultivate a space that is at the forefront of creativity and self expression for members of our community to feel welcome and thrive in whatever passion they pursue.

At The Village Co-op we focus on wellbeing through several lenses: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Physical wellbeing is taught by encouraging connection to land and food production. 


To accomplish this we serve the community with:


  • Monthly events for local artists, vendors, and farmers 

  • Weekly healing circles for community healing

  • Reiki and massage sessions upon member request.


To learn more about these services apply via this form


These services are to create a vibrant active community will foster the kind of environment that will empower our members to work together creating a real sense of a “village”..

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