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Step one: Localizing our Food Production

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Feed Ourselves with Food Production

Village Cooperative will seek to fulfill our people’s fundamental need of food as our first campaign, to harness the power of the resources readily available (backyard plots, grow boxes, and most importantly people) to provide a foundation of resilience for our people to start on their journey toward self-determination.

One of the most troubling aspects of how we degrade our planet is how our food is produced and received. Importing our food from different regions around the world not only increases our carbon debt paid for each meal we eat, but robs many individuals of the opportunity to work within their community growing food at a local farm. In addition, our current food production system pits workers against one another, leading to stunning levels of global income inequality.

To combat these problems The Village Cooperative has initiated 3 different programs centered around food:

  • Delivery system for food grown from the Village in a 3 block radius

  • Monthly service projects installing gardens to promote urban homesteading

  • Weekly permaculture meetings to share knowledge and skills with the surrounding community

With this 3 block model we hope to not only localize food but extremely reduce our carbon debt that would be obtained by cheap mass produced produce riddled with toxins. By distributing food to our neighbors we also hope to feed those in need and enable them to join our movement.

Our Distribution Model

To achieve this we will follow a 1/3 model of distribution of food that goes not only to the people we serve but those who participate in the production

  • ⅓ Donated to the community


  • ⅓ To our members


  • ⅓ Reinvested to The Village Cooperative

Once we have achieved a strong food justice cooperative we will begin establishing service base cooperatives i.e. carpentry, daycare, housing, handyperson, etc. These cooperatives will endeavor to create a network of individuals that collectively own their labor and distribute the resources to their surrounding community so we can all grow together.

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